The Government Printer

The Government Printery is managed by the Government Printer whose job, among other duties, is mainly to manage the overall day-to-day operations of the Department. He has to ensure that all government’s policies are implemented and must use effectively the human, material and technological resources to bring about growth and development. He must also ensure that the proper accounting procedures are followed.

The Assistant Government Printer

The Government Printer is ably assisted by the Assistant Government Printer who, among other duties, is mainly responsible for all human resource related matters and those concerning building and the working environment. He must ensure that all production procedures are followed by discussing with the production officer, on a regular basis, the level of production necessary. He must also develop training programmes to ensure that all officers are kept up-to-date with the changing trends.

The other functions of the printery are carried out by nine (9) main sections, namely, Administration; Computer; Proof-reading; Dark Room; Press Room; Bindery; Gazette, Store Keeper and Maintenance sections. The following are some brief outlines of how the various sections function:


This section deals with all administrative work in the printery. These include the sale of Gazettes, Legislations and other forms for Governmental and Private operations. It also deals with all accounting matters, which include updating of all registers and reconciling of vote books. This section also assists in the ordering of stocks by relating with foreign agents.


The Computer section does all typesetting work that for the printery. There is also the design and layout of various booklets and magazines from time to time.

Proof Reading

This section is where all editing is done. Each document that comes from the computer department would be read by the officers in this section to ensure they were typeset accurately.

Dark Room

The dark Room section is mainly responsible for stripping and the processing of films and plates for the press room.

Press Room

The Press Room is basically responsible for the printing of all documents.


The Bindery section is responsible for binding of registers and other books, and collating and stitching (stapling) of receipts books and other booklets.


This section is the newest section in the printery due to the fact that it was introduced about four years ago. This section is responsible for the collating, stitching and dispatching of all gazettes and legislations.


This section is responsible for the upkeep of all equipment.  Over the years, two new areas were introduced in the printery to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. They are as follows:

Quality Control

This officer is responsible for setting all quality standards for each section. He also must ensure that all jobs are printed to acceptable quality standards and with a high level of accuracy. He also must ensure that the appropriate materials are used for printing of jobs.


The production officer, in conjunction with the Assistant Government Printer, is responsible for the daily production and that a high level of productivity is maintained. This officer also distributes all jobs to each section.

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