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The Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), conferred, last Thursday (November 3rd), the Doctorate Honoris Causa, to the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. The Hon., Ralph Gonsalves, for his important contribution against the aggressions of the imperial power groups, and his unrestricted defence of counter-hegemonic projects, as well as his fraternity with the Latin American peoples.

During the activity, held in the "Gastón Parra Luzardo" auditorium, of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), the rector of the UBV, Ms. Sandra Oblitas, said that Gonsalves is an undisputed leader of the Caribbean, and highlighted the merits of his political, academic, cultural and humanist career in favour of the emancipation of his people, and the struggle "for their dignity and true social justice".

"Undoubtedly, we are in the presence of one of the most significant contemporary figures of this century, a political leader, activist and intellectual, but above all, a human being with a great heart", said the academic about the Vincentian revolutionary leader.

Dr. Gonsalves expressed his gratitude for the great recognition and reaffirmed the commitment of his Government, and the social movements of his country, to uphold the principles of sovereignty unconditionally, "without hesitation at any time". "This activity in which we participate today is not only symbolic of all that we have done in our civilisation of Latin America and the Caribbean, but focuses on the importance of secondary and tertiary education for the construction of a post-colonial, diversified and strong economy", Gonsalves emphasised.

In that regard, he highlighted the efforts of countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, within the framework of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America - Peoples' Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP), "in order to promote an education revolution", essential "for our peoples to reach the standards of living and production, which is congruent with the high values of humanity". On several occasions, the Prime Minister of the Caribbean nation reaffirmed that Venezuela and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are "very close peoples, and he hopes that this solidarity and close relationship will last forever". Venezuela and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines maintain bilateral cooperation ties in financial, energy, trade, fiscal, tourism and security matters.

SOURCE: The Agency For Public Information

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